Mile by Mile Guide to the Oregon Coast


Like a beacon from one of its fabled lighthouses, the recreational opportunity offered on the Oregon Coast beckons all that it shines upon.  Recreational opportunity is the common thread that brings a family together.  In today’s society it is more important than ever for family members to participate in activities that stress family values and build character.  The expectation of participating in fishing, clamming or crabbing trips is the trigger that releases the spirit of adventure embodied within us all.  It is the spirit that bonds the family together.

The fishing, clamming and crabbing along the Oregon Coast are unsurpassed and provide those who participate the opportunity to fulfill their expectations by offering a varety of species to everyone who wets a line, picks up a clam shovel or throws a crab ring.

The following 10 maps of the Oregon Coast Trail are links to the recreational resources associated with each map of the Oregon Coast Trail in conjunction with the milage markers posted on Hwy 101:

Click on the images 1 thru 10 of the Oregon Coast Trail to view the mile by mile recreational resources from the Columbia River to the California Border. The Mile by Mile reference guide for the first image of the Oregon Coast Trail Map contains the links of common interest for all 10 maps