Mile by Mile Guide to the Oregon Coast


Like a beacon from one of its fabled lighthouses, the recreational opportunity offered on the Oregon Coast beckons all that it shines upon.  Recreational opportunity is the common thread that brings a family together. In today’s society it is more important than ever for family members to participate in activities that stress family values and build character. 

The expectation of participating in recreational opportunity is the trigger that releases the spirit of adventure in everyone who serches for Rocks and minerals or fossils on public land. The spirit of adventure embodies everyone who wets a line, picks up a clam shovel, throws a crab ring or seeks adventue in the wilderness.

The following 10 maps of the Oregon Coast Trail are links to the recreational resources associated with each map of the Oregon Coast Trail in conjunction with the milage markers posted on Hwy 101.

We are in the process of adding information about the recreational opportunities available throughout Oregon. All of the informaton posted on these websites about Oregon's State Waters and/or rules for taking fish is informational and may or may not be accurate. Consult Oregon State Agencies to verify the accuracy of our infomation. Email us at crabbinginfo@yahoo.com with you infomation.

Click on the images 1 thru 10 of the Oregon Coast Trail to view the mile by mile recreational resources from the Columbia River to the California Border. The Mile by Mile reference guide for the first image of the Oregon Coast Trail Map contains the links of common interest for all 10 maps.

We continue to update the information on the website. We encourage your input and experiences to make our website the best it can be. * or **Denotes websites currently uner development. We have a long way to go. Click on the following links to view the recreational opportunities throughout all of Oregon. Bill

GATEWAY TO THE RECREATIONAL RESOURCES OF EASTERN OREGON *The lakes, campgrounds, hiking trails and other recreationalThe lakes, campgrounds, hiking trails and other recreational resources associated with Eastern Oregon*

South Santiam and Metolius River and the North Santiam Rivers Siuslaw River watershed

Mckenzie River watershed

Deschutes River

Owyhee Canyon Lands

Oregon's Desert Trail** New

Roque River watershed *

Umpqua River watershed*

Smith River

the Middle Fork of the Willamette River in addition to the lakes associated with the Kalmath Basin and Southern Oregon.*

Clackamas River*

Snake River**

Welcome to the Columbia River**

Welcome to the Willamette River**

Grande Ronde River*

and John Day River*

Oregon's Walk-in Lakes **

Recreational Assets for Hwy 26*

Oregon State Parks

List of botanical gardens and arboretums in Oregon - Wikipedia


List of Golf Courses in Oregon - Wikipedia

** Currently under development.

Click on the recreational resource of interest and scroll down to the area of interest. More to come. Do your part by sharing your experiences with us. Eventually we will add webpages for Oregon's major systems as individual resource entities.